Epoxy curing reaction test method
After the epoxy resin and hardener must be mixed according to the ratio, had already begun to conduct cross-linking reaction, the appearance is not easy to observe that the reaction speed of the speed and used in curing agent and curing temperature related. Epoxy resin
  Generally, the higher the temperature the faster the reaction speed, so as not to rush resin mix well using the best storage in the refrigerator or frozen library, to "freeze" or slow progress of the curing reaction. 
When the resin is used to do the processing, you want to harden quickly and completely, because the quality of the product is good or bad or not related to the number and harden completely. How to determine the resin is fully cured or hardened attainment is a very important task, common to traditional chemical titration test equipment is not developed early, both time-consuming and vary from person to get the different data. Now have a variety of precision instruments cages, but not detected quickly and accurately.