Epoxy resin Adhesive
EPOXY epoxy resin, commonly known as AB glue, it is a solvent-free, liquid adhesives. Harden at room temperature without heating, the operation 
Construction is very convenient for metal, between glass, ceramics, wood, rubber and hard plastic itself or in combination with something else Next, 
Then hardened parts, with superior resistance to impact and shock power for electronic products more moisture, insulation, heat effects. 
Safety and Applicability: It can be used for general household goods repair, can also be used in the manufacturing factory production line, the S & P 
And walks of life.  Epoxy resin Adhesive
Next, the surface of the pre-treatment: 
For parts of the object is then required to get clean and full fat, the best surface finish can then make it rough, or by chemical 
Drug treatment, Zaishi engagement will receive the maximum bonding strength.