Epoxy resin Lamination Composite Introduction
Epoxy (Epoxy Resin) with good process performance, excellent mechanical properties, low cure shrinkage, modified room and a series of features, become the most widely used class of composite resin matrix.
Due to the presence of large common epoxy resin absorption, dimensional stability shortcomings of poor, can not meet in recent years, the use of epoxy composites for characteristics such as heat resistance, moisture absorption, energy-saving performance, toughness and put forward higher requirements, so modified epoxy composites developed rapidly.
Modified epoxy resin-based composite materials mainly for epoxy matrix expand, mainly in two aspects:
(A) improve the performance of heat to raise the temperature of use, primarily through the synthesis of a new structure to achieve an epoxy resin and a curing agent
(B) improve the toughness, to increase damage tolerance of composites, mainly through the use of novel curing agent and a toughening agent to achieve.