What is a composite material?
Composite materials through the scientific design and reasonable process, the two or more different materials a new type of material. Composite material has a high strength, lightweight and flexible features, it is widely used in aerospace field.
In the aerospace field, if the use of lightweight high-strength composite materials manufacturing aircraft, the weight will be significantly reduced, less energy consumption, the range can be longer; launch spacecraft required rocket power will be greatly reduced; Rocket launch missiles, if the rocket shells are used at all levels of composite materials, the range will change from mid-range to the far end. It is precisely because the composite material with aerospace technology on the high requirements of the unique advantages of materials, so first with the aerospace technology, to be effective application.
There are many types of composite materials, the main resin-based composite material, it is based on the resin as a matrix to join the reinforced particles or fiber material composition of the new composite materials. In the polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon resin resin, such as talc, calcium carbonate, carbon black and other particle-like reinforcement, can improve the composite material rigidity, strength and wear resistance. This composite has been used for automotive interior parts and food packaging.
At present, boron / aluminum, boron / titanium, silicon carbide / aluminum, silicon carbide / titanium and other composite materials have been used in aircraft and space shuttle, with high temperature, high strength, good thermal conductivity, high conductivity, Not aging, etc., is the resin-based composite materials less than.