When the technology materials for the epoxy resin and curing agent manufacturers
The main products are modified epoxy resin, polyamide resin, modified amine resin and other curing agent, its products are divided room temperature curing and curing type curing type, the main products for the modified epoxy resin, , Widely used in technology products, laminated composite, adhesives, electronics, electrical and other materials industry, and based in Taiwan and China, look to the world.
The company in the electronics industry, the electronic components of the packaging, insulation and other materials research and development of a variety of products, digital dot matrix tube glue used in digital dot matrix tube, light-emitting diodes, and because of light diffusion agent with high temperature, , High heat distortion temperature and uniform light transmission and other characteristics, and has excellent mechanical strength and electrical properties, suitable for LED DISPLAY LAMP injection type, in line with SGS environmental certification.
In the electronic components of the insulation package, with industry-leading technology and imported raw materials from the combination of LED waterproof module glue for LED waterproof module, the electronic components of the insulation package, universal potting can be ed according to customer requirements curing speed, Applicable to transformers, filters and other electronic components; this 2 sealant, curing shrinkage, curing with good mechanical properties and electrical properties, the surface bright, no bubbles. In addition, the flame retardant potting for capacitors, transformers, buzzers and other electronic components of the insulation package, in line with the United States UL-94 V-0 flame retardant grade and SGS environmental certification.