Epoxy resin curing agent trend
Since the 1990s, the development trend of epoxy resin curing agent in the world has many new features, mainly in the following aspects.
1. From the type of curing agent
① new varieties of endless, amine is still the first place, followed by acid anhydride.
② "semi-inorganic polymer" curing agent with P, Si, B, F, Mg and other elements with its unique performance attracted attention.
③ modified thiol system and modified phenol-based curing agent also have varying degrees of development. ④ new thiol-based block copolymer at the end of a large number of put on the market.
2. From the development trend of curing agent
① functional curing agent has become a hot research and development.
1. Multi-functional (with curing, toughening, flame retardant, and other functions) curing agent to become the ideal product.
Due to the development of new structure and excellent performance of the epoxy resin progress is not large, so as to adapt to the resin modification requirements of functional additives to become the goal, a multi-energy products more and more.
2. Fast curing, low temperature curing and minimum water absorption of curing agent developed rapidly. 3) special function of the curing agent has also been great development, such as elastic curing agent.
② curing agent low toxicity, non-toxic.
One of the characteristics of the development of modern curing agent is that people not only concerned about the curing agent in the production and use of the process of toxicity and environmental pollution problems, but also attach importance to waste epoxy resin products, environmental pollution problems. In developed countries, primary polyene polyesters and aromatic amines have all been replaced by non-toxic or low-toxic modified amines.
③ to adapt to the special environment (wet, underwater, outdoor, etc.) the use of curing agent popular.
④ To meet the high performance requirements of epoxy resin, electrical properties, mechanical properties, excellent mechanical properties of the curing agent will be greatly developed.
⑤ electron beam and light curing curing agent more and more people pay attention.
⑥ powder coating special curing agent, water-based epoxy resin coating for water-soluble solid ratio agent and single component adhesive special curing agent dosage is large, the prospects are bright.
3. Trends from manufacturing technology
(Especially m-phenylenediamine, m-xylylenediamine modified); acid with modified and modified; (2) modified with epoxy resin, Liquid; dicyandiamide modified and liquid (China's recent annual demand for liquid dicyandiamide is about 1,000 tons); imidazole modified and liquid, and modified low molecular weight polyamine.
② complex efficiency and assembly technology is in the ascendant. Toxic, environmental regulations, cost, efficiency and other factors, the new structure of the curing agent development more difficult, through the complex container to improve efficiency has become an effective way to develop new curing agent.
③ solid-state curing agent liquid technology is very promising, such as solid-state acid anhydride at room temperature, dicyandiamide, etc. through the modification to the liquid at room temperature, not only can improve its operation and use performance, but also save energy.
④ curing agent production operations and packaging refinement.
4. The development of curing agent
① users of the curing agent made a higher, d requirements, such as:
1. Use absolutely safe and reliable, to adapt to the global environmental, health and safety trends;
2. Application results significantly improved, outstanding quality;
3. Use, storage and transportation convenience;
4. price, quality than appropriate, cost - performance balance, it is willing to buy and use;
5. Highly purified, transparent.
② towards the serialization, specialization, supporting, fine development.
③ in line with environmental regulations and meet the needs of users under the premise of continuous lower costs and achieve higher profits is the long-term task of curing agent manufacturers.
④ curing agent production plant and curing agent to form a partnership, curing agent is the only way to success.
5. Market and development perspective
The following trends have emerged:
① focus on training high-quality comprehensive curing agent research and development personnel;
② curing agent production plant technological innovation and new product development is very active;
③ strengthen the production of a research application of a management research and development system;
④ strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights;
⑤ supporting the development of epoxy resin, promote each other.

Epoxy resin Curing agent