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TRUETIME Industrial Corporation (TTC) is specialized in manufacturing of curing agents and various types of epoxy resins, such as modified epoxy resin, polyamide resin, modified amine resin and so on. The curing agents have been divided into normal room temperature curing and heat curing. Our epoxy resin and hardener can apply in civil engineering, casting, painting, adhesive, lamination composite and technology product materials.
It shows an excellent stickiness when used with metal, wood, plastic, marble, ceramics or glass which is anti-corrosion, acid, alkali and fire proof. Particularly for insulation and encapsulation of electrical component, it has achieved flame retardant up to UL94-V-O.
Moreover, it also displays perfect performances when used for soft rubber casting and handicraft, decoration, plates and badges. In addition, it applies to all kinds of lamination composites, such as blades for wind power, carbon fibre, glass fibre that used for vehicle frames, aviation body parts, tennis rackets, golf clubs, snowboards, surfboards and other sport equipments.
With the ISO9001 certification, TTC provides high quality products and has been serving for customers worldwide. TTC has focused on developing new products to satisfy customers’ demands. In 2001, TTC has cooperated with local enterprises to establish an agent in Kunshan at Jiangsu province and 2007 in Wujiang , Suzhou. TTC aims not only in Asia market but also global market.
As a Professional Manufacturer of Epoxy Resin & Hardener, TTC provides multi-purposes service for polyment processing which includes 6 industries as listed below:
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